One^4, 20 July 2011, 12 Corners

Here are my photos from this week’s 1^4 shoot at 12 Corners in Brighton:

One^4, 13 July 2011, Cobbs Hill Park

Here are my photographs from this week’s 1^4 shoot at Cobbs Hill Park:

One^4, 06 July 2011, Liberty Pole

These were my photos from this week’s 1^4 shoot:

One^4, 28 June 2011, Park/East Neighborhood

My contribution to this week’s 1^4 photo shoot:

One^4, 15 June 2011, High Falls

This is my contribution to last night’s 1^4 (@one4) shoot. The entire thing can be seen on

Photos from Montreal, Finally

I’ve fallen way behind on my photo editing and gallery posting, but I’m working to catch up. Here are a few pictures from our recent trip to Montreal. It was a fantastic weekend and much needed mini-vacation.

A New Wedding Season has Begun!

This year, I will once again be second shooting quite a bit for Lou Gonzalez.┬áRather than duplicate his massive editing efforts, I’ll be building on my 10 10 10 piece, by posting a few of my favorite photographs from each of these weddings. The edits will likely feature roughly 10 images, but I’m leaving myself some room with the numbers (this one wound up being 9). The point will be to just pick the pictures that I like, for whatever reason. It’s more about posting the photographs I enjoy shooting, rather than representing the entire event.

So, enough babble, here are a few of my favorite photographs from my first wedding shoot of 2011: Emily and Jeff at Artisan Works in Rochester.